Graduate student wins American Academy of Advertising Dissertation Proposal Award

Graduate student Yan Shan
Congratulations to graduate student Yan Shan, who has won The American Academy of Advertising 2014 Dissertation Proposal Award for her work,  "The Credibility of Electronic WOM: Do Perceived Similarity, Membership Prestige and Argument Quality Foster the Emergence of Trust."

Shan’s dissertation is about the credibility of online product reviews. Specifically, she examines the factors that influence consumers’ trust in online product reviews, as they are an important information source in the decision-making process when shopping online.

Shan is honored to have received the award:

“I want to say that I couldn’t achieve this accomplishment without the help and support from the Grady family. Too many great ideas and inspiration have been given to me from my committees and my cohorts in the Ph.D program. Grady is like my home in the United States.”

She hopes her study helps businesses who sell their products online as well as consumers who choose to shop online.

“ I am extremely excited about it because I know I am helping people with the knowledge and skills I learned,” she says.

The award will be given at the upcoming AAA Conference in late March and includes $1,500 of support for Shan’s research.

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