AdPR Intern Spotlight: Shandrea Evans

This summer, Advertising major Shandrea Evans is interning at Archer>Malmo.

What is Archer>Malmo?
Founded in 1952, Archer>Malmo is the largest full-service agency in the Mid South. With its core service in advertising and digital, there are also five other brands or branches within the agency that specialize in other areas of communications. These branches include Archer>Malmo Public Relations, Lifesize Interactive, Tangerine Direct Marketing, Smash Experiential Marketing, and TMB Marketing. With successful projects for clients including Elvis Presley Enterprises, Verizon, AutoZone, and Kraft Food Ingredients, there are many reasons why this mid-sized agency can live up to its reputation as the best in its region.

What are your responsibilities at Archer>Malmo this summer?
I am an intern in the client services department of Archer>Malmo. This branch is known as account management in advertising. I am responsible for helping to determine and execute the needs of the clients. This is achieved through various means such as market research, conducting competitive analyses, preparing strategy and product briefs, and working with creative departments to execute projects.

What valuable information or skills have you learned thus far at your internship?
So far, I have learned the process of how to edit and produce a final copy of a fashion catalog. I have also learned how to create and present a competitive analysis for a client so that they will better understand the business environment at hand, how our services have benefitted them, and what we must do to move forward and remain in the top percentage of market share. One of the most important things I have learned is the structure and dynamics of an advertising agency and how each of the departments works cohesively to gain and keep new business.

How has the knowledge you gained from your Advertising classes aided you in your internship?
Yes, in particular my marketing and advertising research classes, alone with my media planning class. The interns at Archer>Malmo have been assigned a project of new business that we must present at the culmination of the summer. Starting from scratch, it was imperative that we begin with market research and analysis. Luckily, I had just taken marketing and advertising research, so I knew the proper way to begin as well as how to use different research databases the agency employed. After we had determined our target market, we needed to verify the best methods to reach our audience. This is where media planning came in handy. I was able to use MRI among other databases to discover which media outlets would be most efficient. Grady has definitely prepared me in the classroom for real world applications outside of the classroom.

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